Habits of people who are always in the shower, even when it's not raining

The shower, the bathroom or the kitchen are often a hotbed of activities. While the bathroom or kitchen may feel like a hotbed of activity, it's not always all that it's cracked up to be.There's a general rule for people who regularly shower and clean bathrooms: if you don't have to wash or wash your hands, you shower, and if you don't have to clean them after hand washing, you don't clean them. This applies to both men and women, but it's much more pronounced in men's bathrooms.A common myth is that men are required to clean the bathroom after hand washing. In fact, some men do this quite often. For example, one guy took a shower and didn't wash his hands for two days straight.Another example is when a guy gets out of the shower and gets into the bathroom. He takes a baby shower and leaves the shower door open, which means that the baby can get a good view of the tub. Again, this is a highly active lifestyle. If we talk about an active lifestyle, then why don't we not talk about the guy who runs the shower and wipes his hands before cleaning it?The bathroom is also a great place to get a little excited. In places where there is a lot of water, it's easy to get addicted to the rush. If you like hot water, then the bathroom can be a hotbed of activity. And if you enjoy the rush, then you will definitely enjoy the shower itself.If you find this article interesting , please subscribe to my Zen, like it, and leave your comments.